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Natural Health and Northern California Fukushima Radiation News

Norther California Fukushima radiation newsNatural health websites have been covering Northern California Fukushima Radiation News a long time since the tsunami hit Japan and caused all the radiation to leak into the ocean – right on the other side from California.

I’m a little bit of a conspiracy nerd. I don’t live on it or thrive on it, I am open to potentials. I’ve learned to never say never a long time ago.

I’ve followed this over the years because I was brought up in the vicinity of a nuclear power plant in Illinois. We were always taught that no radiation is safe and any leaks are a BIG deal.

Northern California Fukushima Radiation News Is Not The Only Problem

Northern California Fukushima Radiation NewsGrowing up it was not uncommon for the beach (where the nuclear plant was positioned) to be regularly closed. If you went early enough after sunrise you would find the beach littered with dead fish.

We regularly went to see that because it was spooky and teens aren’t always wise when it comes to staying away from things they should.

The point is that residents were publicly made aware of the dangers of radiation. But when it comes to radiation dangers associated with Fukushima, suddenly radiation is okay. So much so that the safe levels of radiation exposure has been pushed up to a higher level.

And then for people to think that radiation would only be isolated around the waters of Fukushima is really puzzling to me. Of course the radiation would reach the USA and beyond. Yes, it will be weakened but again, I grew up with no safe levels being pounded into me by the public service announcers.

Fukushima is not the only problem the US is facing concerning radiation.

Last year, California “indefinitely” shut down crabbing, citing an algae issue. The problem is that my degree is also in marine biology and the reason doesn’t make sense.

There are some interesting opinions on Erin Brochovich’s facebook page.

Speaking of Erin Brochovich… I hope you know who she is. Julia Roberts starred as Erin in a movie about a lawyer (Erin) helping to prove that radiation from tower masts caused cancer. This was a movie based on real life.

She’s been working since then to help people become aware and fight the forces that are harming us but the government says is safe.

Take for instance your cell phone, computer, and wifi. It emits a radiation that your body picks up. Think of your body as an antenna – because your mitochondria in each cell is a powerful antenna.

Radiation, even no heating type from cell phones, computers and wifi, harms your body and messes up your hormones.

I strongly suggest you head on over to this highly informative blog about EMF Protection and check out JAK personal EMF protection. I have one and so does my husband and children.

While it won’t protect you from Fukushima, it will help you to stay protected from the daily onslaught of radiation from your own home.